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Pakistan: A ticking time bomb

[Book extract] Don’t think Pakistan doesn’t want to nuke India. to quote from the article: I remember a friend in Karachi recalling for me a conversation he had the previous evening on a flight from Islamabad. He was seated next to the foreign minister of Pakistan who happened to know him well. In the course […]


From “Phenyl” to “Gaunyle” !

Holy cow! Government offices may soon be cleaned using liquid made from bovine urine – The Economic Times. Just came across this great news and wanted to share it. This news, I am sure, isnt going to go down very well with certain ‘news traders’ and ‘secular’ elements of our nation. For example: 1. There […]


Where is the world heading ?

Started my morning with daily dose of news from around the world (via Quartz ) and came across these three pieces which interested me the most. Videogames should be an Olympic sport. They’re highly competitive, they require lightning-quick reflexes, and the crowds love them. Competitive video gaming – known as e-sports – should be included in the Olympic Games, the […]

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