New job – training eagles to bring down drones!

We already are witnessing the adoption of drones in all kinds of tasks across industries. I have been wondering about the jobs that this is going to create in future. And this I have been wondering about quite a few kind of jobs which do not exist today or atleast people do not even imagine but they are every much going to be there in very near future – reason why I think this is something I should start posting about.

Today I came across this post which talks about how Eagles are destroying drones because they see them invading their territories. Here is the link to article: Birds are fighting back for their territory already

Just one example quoted in above article talks about how a wedge-taled eagle destroyed a $80,000 drone in a matter of seconds!

And it ends with how French are using golden eagles to destroy the drones operated by terrorists.

Which opens up a whole new job category – people who will be able to train eagles (or maybe other birds) in messing up with or destroying the drones. Going further I can even imagine that one trains another bird to launch a counter attack on the destructive bird to protect the drone. The job definitely looks interesting and will require people who can really ‘tame’ and train these birds to achieve the defined ‘goals’.