What is success in a product’s context ?

How many times have we seen team members fighting over a feature ? Do you remember the scene where everybody in team is tense over how to deliver a feature in the most “perfect” way possible ?

Did you ever see team members celebrating a “successful” delivery, only to realise later that the customer feedback for whatever was delivered came back in negative ?

Most of the time we are so carried away by our routine or desire to simply keep building things that we forget why we are building it in the first place. Our obsession with ticking the check boxes, sticking to delivery schedules blinds us to the extent that we forget to see the bigger picture. 

We forget to think about the very problem we wanted to solve for the customer using that coveted feature. We forget to ask ourselves if whatever we are doing is really solving that problem or is simply creating an illusion of the same. Or worse it is going to aggravate the problem. 

It for these times that Eric Ries wrote the following :

“Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” 

This is the definition of success in a product’s context. Let’s all be mindful of this definition of success and work towards achieving this.

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