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Where is the world heading ?


Started my morning with daily dose of news from around the world (via Quartz ) and came across these three pieces which interested me the most.

Videogames should be an Olympic sport. They’re highly competitive, they require lightning-quick reflexes, and the crowds love themCompetitive video gaming – known as e-sports – should be included in the Olympic Games, the creator of World of Warcraft has told the BBC. Now, the very definition of ‘sports’ is being challenged. It makes absolute sense in today’s world where the ‘mind’ power is rated above the ‘muscle’ power, given the way we have moved to a ‘knowledge economy’ over past decades. I can see this happening within next ten years where there will be more excitement for the ‘mind sports’ than the ‘physical sports’.

Italy doesn’t make anything anymore. The country’s iconic brands have been gobbled up by neighboring countries (paywall) or multinational corporations. Many so-called Italian products are not even designed or made in Italy. America imports just $2 billion in Italian food goods a year, but “Italian-sounding” goods in the United States are worth $20 billion. And that’s just the food sector. Around the world, the figures are $54 billion, against $23 billion in exports. Now, this is not just with Italy but happening round the world. Would these ‘geo’ identities still hold their ground in a future world ? how much longer ? would people still keep buying into ‘Italian’ even when they realize its probably nothing to do with Italy anymore  (other than the name maybe) ? Brands have already taken over the real identities it seems.

The new normal for American families. Just 42% of children in the United States live with their original mom and dad.Further there is a comment, “A lot of instability, where people and partners are coming and going, seems to be what’s responsible for the correlation between family structure and poor outcomes for children.” The concept of family has been very different in US than what it is in East. Just imagine the plight of children who are growing up seeing all this instability where the ‘parents’ itself keep changing over the years ! Would they ever know the meaning of selfless love ? Would they be able to care for somebody in their lives when they themselves dont know what that means ? I know there are going to be people defending these ‘families’ by propping up the arguments of ‘freedom’, ‘personal space’ blah blah, and then same people try to give you ‘biological’ reasons for depression etc arguing that its just because of this chemical and that, without realizing the need for the strong emotional support which a child requires. Is the American society headed for a crisis ? Or is this the future of families ?

So, what do you think ?

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