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Pakistan: A ticking time bomb


[Book extract] Don’t think Pakistan doesn’t want to nuke India.

to quote from the article:

I remember a friend in Karachi recalling for me a conversation he had the previous evening on a flight from Islamabad. He was seated next to the foreign minister of Pakistan who happened to know him well. In the course of a long conversation he asked the minister what his greatest wish was during his ministerial tenure. The minister stretched both his hands in front of him, opened his palms facing skywards and said, “If God were to grant me a wish I would ask him to place a nuclear bomb each on my palms”. Then, with a satisfied smile, he turned his palms downwards and added, “One I would drop on Bombay, the other on Delhi”.

Yes, this is how imminent the danger Pakistan is to India and that is precisely the reason why India needs a strong leader who can take tough decisions with an iron fist, without succumbing to any kind of pressures – internal or external – and who has the art of garnering mass support for its decisions. For all we care, Pakistan is nothing but a ticking time bomb for the entire region and being a neighbour – infact an enemy – its going to hurt India the worst way possible, whenever it explodes.

So, what do you think ?

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