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Holy cow! Government offices may soon be cleaned using liquid made from bovine urine – The Economic Times.

Just came across this great news and wanted to share it. This news, I am sure, isnt going to go down very well with certain ‘news traders’ and ‘secular’ elements of our nation. For example:

1. There will be people who will mock this for discarding the “proven” chemical for cow urine.

2. There will be people who will connect this with ‘saffronization’ of nation, govt. offices and whatever crap.

3. There will be people who will feel its below their dignity to use something like this – yes, I had interacted with few fools on Facebook itself talking about it in absolutely derogatory way so I know there are going to be lot of such people.

The interesting part is within these same people will be the hypocrites who cry for ‘environment’ and take out protests, do photo shoots blah blah, who sing the “organic this, organic that” song. But since here we are talking about an idea which has been explored and explained well in Hindu scriptures these people will have the irresistible urge to find holes in the story or to discredit it completely.

Anyways, for those who have lived in a village or who had / have old style “aangan” would know that cow urine and dung has been used precisely for this purpose – to disinfect and to keep off harmful insects – for centuries in India.

Thanks to this govt who is not indulging in just tokenism but really keen to take the traditional knowledge, which has been there for generations, mainstream. And ofcourse thanks alot to the NGO Holy Cow Foundation and women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi for this great step.

So, what do you think ?

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